Cartes des de Grècia


Hello Francescaaaa! How are youuu my darling? :):):)
How long since our last mail... i just can't remember if i answered you or I was busy and i couldnt :(:(
Either this... im happy that your life is running, and if it is runnnig well better than better :D
Mi life... Franceska... nothing has changed a lot, some things had happened but i think that everything is so quickly that we can't afford everything and there are some important things that we let pass in front of our noses and we dont mind... (i dont know exactly why i have wrote this line but it is funny (fani XD)
one motht ago my grandfather died, he was very old and very ill till 2 years a go, so everybody expect the death, my grandmother is the member of the family that has been worst these days... she is old too and his health is not better... i think i should spend more time with her, tomorrow i will try to go to see her :D
my loves... difficulties in my determination... there exists some friends, some good friends but anyone is the "perfect girlfriend" i know ther isn-t a perfect girlfriend, but i live in a dream-world and i think that the true love exists and that i would "find" the "perfect" (for me) girl, without searching...
thats my life nowadays, so, i hope u have enjoyed reading theese lines from your sweet catalan boy.
lots of kisses & strong hugs!

Roger. "inspiration to the power"


5 comentarios

roger -

jajajaja, és una obra d'art... tot l k li explico a ella u pot llegir qualsevol persona... en aquest cas, eh.
i el titol... té una explicacio jeje

Juan -

Eli, el títol sta b... tot té una xplikació

eLi -

fas publikes les cartes a la franceska?q porno... jo tb en tinc, puc fer un weblog???
cartes dsd catalunya cap a grècia (parlem am propietat...)

Juan -

Serà perque no vols... :D

Anónimo -

Així no sóc la teva "perfect girlfriend" ;)